Lhasa Potala Palace

Potala Palace is known as the “Pearl of world ridge of a house”, it is the symbol of Lhasa and Qinghai Tibet Plateau, Tibet is once the power center. The world’s highest and most magnificent palace, a collection of extremely rich cultural relics and Arts & Crafts, also treasured the unique Tibetan culture heritage. Layout of the palace, civil engineering, metal smelting, painting, sculpture and other aspects of it are famous in the world, reflects the Tibetan, the Han, Mongolian, Manchu craftsmen superb skills and Tibetan architectural art of great achievements. In December 1994, Potala Palace was selected for the world heritage list.

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The Potala Palace the snow palace in Lhasa City Hongshan hill, stands, is the Lighthouse of the snow covered plateau, in any corner of the Lhasa, Tibet, people’s devout Koubai closure of the palm of your hand forever pointing to her. At the same time, this has a history in 1300, the world’s highest altitude, the most magnificent palace is also unlimited extension of Tibetan culture, is truly a world heritage, you can touch, can be in-depth, without the decoration, but the real with the Tibetan architectural art of the palace fort. Have the opportunity to enter the Potala Palace inside the Tibetans, will this as a reward and the gift of life, a lot of tourists is no exception.


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Potala Palace was not built at the beginning of the scale, the expansion of the future, the scale is gradually expanded. A few of the world and Darai also has participated in the design and expansion of the palace, and a huge cost. Built until 1936 thirteen Darai Lama Lingta palace, Potala Palace before the formation of the current scale. So far, it has also become a real palace, temple and Pagoda Temple composed of three-in-one multi-storey buildings. Sometimes this building is like a mysterious symbols, attract numerous righteous – Gu defected to Tibet and to, rushed to the Tubo Period which began with the palace of love to.

Emperor Qin Shihuang and the terracotta warriors in Shaanxi

In December 1987, Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor and Terracotta Army were included in the world heritage list.
Qin Shi Huang mausoleum is located east of Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province, 35 kilometers of Lintong district within the territory of the people’s Republic of China, the tomb of the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty is in the Chinese history the first multi-ethnic centralized state of Emperor Qin Shihuang in 246 BC to 208 BC construction, but also the history of China’s first emperor mausoleum. The buried with huge scale, rich in ancient imperial mausoleum of the first emperor mausoleum, is the largest. According to the history of the year, Qin Shihuang is the construction of the 700000 craftsmen, the construction time of up to 38 years.
Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor mausoleum park and two parts from the burial area. The cemetery covers an area of nearly 8 square kilometers, built outside the city, two, Fengtu is a square cone. The original Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor mound about 115 meters high, Ling based approximate square, like a bucket cover. The top is flat, and the waist is slightly in the shape of a ladder. Existing 76 meters high, 345 meters long from east to west, 350 meters wide from north to south, covers an area of Mausoleum of 120750 square meters and a large number of ground building remains and funerary objects.

Mausoleum underground palace center is placed in the coffin of the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty, around the tomb of a burial pits and tombs more than 400, wide range and 56.25 square kilometers. Main compensate burial pit copper car, Ma Keng, exotic pit, stable pits and terracotta warriors and horses pits etc., over the years has over 50000 pieces of important historical relics unearthed. 1980 excavations unearthed two groups by large painted bronze chariots and horses – – high car and car is China found so far the largest body, most decorative, system structure and driving the most realistic and most complete ancient bronze chariots and horses, was hailed as the “crown of bronze”.

The essence of the Satavahana found since 1974, in the cemetery East 1.5 kilometers from the burial pits of terracotta warriors and horses, finished shape arrangement, the area amounted to 2 million square meters of above, the unearthed pottery figurine of 8000 chariots, and tens of thousands of pieces of real weapons and other cultural relics; one on the pit “Youjun, buried and live a real horse with figurines, pottery Mayo six thousand pieces; No. 2 pit” left army, figurines, pottery horses 1300 more than chariots 89 of the cars, is a by the infantry, cavalry and chariots three branches of mixed marshalling curved array and terracotta pit, pit No. warrior Figurines 68, chariot vehicles, horses horse, is a commander of the underground army command. This position is the epitome of the Qin army organization. In 1980 unearthed bronze chariot cemetery on the west side of large 2 times. Caused by shock and concern around the world, these by then army formation in the figurines, pottery horses for Qin Dynasty military establishment, operation way, riding infantry equipment to provide the image of the kind of information. Terracotta Army is known as the “eighth wonder of the world”, “one of the great discoveries in the history of Archaeology in twentieth Century.””. The terracotta realism in the history of the past as China sculpture art in the world. Is now in the one or two, three, the establishment of Terracotta Army Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor Museum, opening up.

The Taishan Mountain –the best in all the Mountain



The Taishan Mountain is Chinese earliest mountains, “the first of the Five Sacred Mountains”, and “the first mountain” reputation is Fengshan emperors sacrifice of the mountain, which has the historical position of supremacy, Mount Tai is a natural history, art museum, only in the central axis of the Mount Tai existing more than 1800 all kinds of stone, Taishan Dai Temple with Beijing hall and said is one of three major Chinese palace.

Tai mountain 3

In 1987, Taishan was listed as the world’s cultural and natural dual heritage by UNESCO World Commission. Evaluation of the World Heritage Committee: Sacred Mount Tai, two thousand years has been the object of emperors to worship, the mountains of humanistic masterpieces and the natural landscape perfect fusion together. Taishan has always been the spiritual source of Chinese artists and scholars, and it is the permanent sign of ancient Chinese civilization and faith,

Taishan has a long history of legends. According to legend, bixiayuanjun exclusive to Taishan, by all means, overcame many opponents, finally became the God of mountain. Even so, Bixia Yuanjun still greedy, she relied on his father the emperor’s power, expanding the scope of their jurisdiction, thus causing the indignation of the parties immortals, we have to in charge of Jiang Ziya at the helm of the gods to complain.

Tai mountain 4

One day, Jiang Ziya with “Fengshen Bang” came to Taishan, Bixia Yuanjun designated jurisdiction over fan trapped: from the very top of Mount Tai, around each of the tube 50, Bixia Yuanjun too small ground, immediately and Jiang Ziya quarrel up.

Jiang Ziya is not angry, good words to say: “Yuan Jun! If you think the ground is small, we can talk about it!” how to discuss the law?” Bixiayuanjun ask.

Jiang Ziya is not angry, good words to say: “Yuan Jun! If you think the ground is small, we can talk about it!” how to discuss the law?” Bixiayuanjun ask.

Jiang Ziya calmly said: “you can find something to, throw it to the foot of the mountain, things fall where, you tube to go, you see, okay?” Bixiayuanjun thought, by my ability and effort, throwing a hundred is no problem then promised said: “good, let’s do it! However, we can speak to, who are not allowed to go back!”

“That’s settled then., never go back!” Jiang Ziya be poker-faced, said very seriously.

Tai mountain 1

At this time, stooped to pick up sized stones, tried to thrown it down, Jiang Ziya quickly stopped, “said slowly! There are stones everywhere, you put it down the mountain to find it? If found, the other gods do not recognize nor do ah! I see, or throw something others are not the best things.”

Bixia Yuanjun think this word is rational, but the moment they can’t find the right things, and muttered: “I threw something good?”

Ginger Yuya slowly to enlightenment of way: “look according to me, didn’t you wear the shoes of others. You throw it out, not only good looking, others did not dare to admit.”

Bixiayuanjun listened, thought: Yes, I put a beautiful shoe off the mountain, one in the hand, who dare to admit?! So I took off a shoes, with all his strength to throw down the hill. After finished throwing embroidered shoes, Jiang Ziya and Bixia Yuanjun and other deities together at the foot of the mountain, find the the embroidered shoes. I saw only embroidered shoes with upward, head towards the ground in on the ground, the shape of a small workshop doors. They calculate distance, from this place to the utmost, only 20. At this time, just know bixiayuanjun in the Jiang Ziya plan, but not back, but by default.

Later, people here built a square door, named daizongfang, became the starting point of Mount Taishan.

Tai mountain 2

The Great Wall

The Great Wall has a high tourism value and historical and cultural significant, now hydrocarbons by carefully the development of repair, Shanhaiguan, Juyongguan, Simatai, Mutian Valley and Jiayuguan pass pat become round of Chinese and foreign tourist destination. Ascend a height to enjoy a distant view, the ancient battlefield of the iron horse Bei Jin seems to be in Yao plates, now, the great wall and the gum and the Jinyu tower, Rome’s Colosseum, Italy’s Leaning Tower of Pisa on PI fishing net is one of the world’s seven fire admitted is old-fashioned and culture of the Chinese nation Feng broken and wisdom, a symbol of the Chinese nation’s blood Ma phase Yonghe national spirit.

Hover      The Great Wall


The magnificent Great Wall off the ancient Chinese people created through the wonders of the world into one of, a monument in the human civilization is also a little while, according to historical records section, from the Warring States period, more than 20 please Hou and feudal dynasty had built the Great Wall, the earliest Chu, respect for the defense of the northern nomadic nationality or the country, began to arm built the Great Wall. Then, Qi, boil, Wei, Zhao, Qin and other countries based on the same objective also began to build their own great wall. Tongyiliuguo Qin, Qin Shi Huang sent if the name generals Mengtian Northern Expedition Hun, the countries of the great wall together, West Lintao, east to Liaodong, stretching more than 10000 person that was the Great Wall. But today we can see the main the Great Wall.

The Great Wall1


In fact, the length of the sum of the the Great Wall spring and Autumn Warring States period, many states and later dynasties built more than 50000 meters. So the Great Wall is called the last two thousand years, one hundred thousand miles, the great works wonders.

Along the way, I experienced how much chicken frost and snow, trudge through many dangerous mountain Badwater, Meng Jiangnu did not shout a sound bitter, not shed a drop of MI. Relying on the indomitable perseverance, relying on to her husband deeply love she finally came to the Great Wall. Meng Jiangnu a site a site to find a, but still do not see her husband disappeared. In the end, she had the courage to ask the workers who were about to go to work: “do you have a Fan Xiliang here?” Migrant workers said: “there is such a person, the new.” Meng Jiangnu heard, hurriedly ask: “where is he” migrant workers said: “dead, dead bodies buried in the city of foot!”

The Great Wall view


Hear the consumption, good like eye Yao thunderbolt general, Meng Jiangnu just before the eyes of the sensory layer, a sad, mark up, cried the entire three days and three nights, just cry Tianhundian, the sky became more and more gloomy, the wind more and more fierce, just listen to “crash” sound, a section of the Great Wall was crying down, exposed is fan Xiliang dead bodies.

The Yin Ruins and the Yin Shang

The Shang Dynasty unearthed in the Yin Ruins Oracle In 1899, confirmed that the Shang Dynasty history of credibility.1928 began in Yin Ruins archaeological excavations is archaeology research institutes in China for the first time a scientific excavations, it marks the birth of Chinese archaeology.
In the 20th century, researchers has Yin in shoe last hair according to the 10 mausoleum effect ten mountain temple, officer, handicraft workshops and tens of thousands of small graves unearthed in the tens of thousands of moment speech bones and weighs 875 kg of our mother e generous bronze Ding and so on, show more than 73000 years ago splendid Shang Dynasty copper paste civilization to the world, also known as the “Yin” or “the business” it 7 it from Pangeng moved to Yin incident speaks of.

Tang destroyed Xia after the establishment of the Shang Dynasty, capital Bo (now Henan Shangqiu near). After the Shang Dynasty the eleventh king Zhongding, aristocratic slave owners between superficial contradiction between, on many occasions struggle for the throne, political unrest, foreign control is also gradually weakened. The original Chen service to business of the vassal state, have off the high, the Shang Dynasty waned. But after more than 150 years, has four times the capital, Fan Guochao and smaller ones.

The Yin Dynasty nineteen king after the death of Yangjia. His brother king pangeng. Pangeng in order to get rid of this situation, the consolidation of slavery state regime, decided to move to China Yin (now Henan Anyang). This decision was strongly opposed to a large part of the slave owning aristocracy, because they have a large area of land and housing in the morning, moved to repair will bin by pinch huge loss, Pangeng break through various block owners noble king, finally moved to the Ministry, which is the official calendar Jun said “Pangeng moved to Yin”.

From this later to grind and the demise of the 270 years, the capital of the Shang Dynasty has been located in Yin. So, all through the ages of the Shang Dynasty, also known as “Yin” or “Shang”.
Why would the Yin Ruins? This letter Wang Jing and Zhou Wenwang from the Shang Dynasty last week after the death of King Wen, speaking of the monarch, the son of King Wu of Zhou Wu ascended the throne, and father pay attention to the development of production, expansion force, more and more tribes began to obey him, taking a king’s reign has become increasingly brutal, Wang Shu, Wang Xiong and Ji Zi dry very worried, struggling to persuade him not to misbehave, but the king did not listen, and initiated the anti fire meters, ordered than give his heart, and said: “I’d like to dish the human heart in the end what they look like, why is always against me.” he lives in order to protect only, but was still king Zhou feign madness and act like an idiot, imprisoned. They see the past hope, leave the blood.

The king heard spies report, said King Zhou has now some honest men be deserted by one’s followers, all left him. Wu believed that the timing of their punish oneself, Qi 50000 troops, crusade against King seal. Wherever he went, he suffered business letter King bitter people continue to join, team more and more suede high, team morale please seal force hit quickly to (now Henan Qixian southwest) Makino. Zhou Wang heard before the forces of King Wu Zhu attack the news, immediately organized forces to resist that Wu Yu’s forces but 5 million, can block the 70, 000 troops? But he absolutely did not expect, his team has many are slaves and from Dongyi caught not prisoners, they normally suffered as a result of the seal of the king of oppression and abuse, early he hated, who also don’t want to work for him.
To the battlefield, when King Wu forces launched an offensive, army of business, a lot of people suddenly swung the spearhead to help weeks army offensive in Shang king. The soldiers, business letter of king of 70, 000 troops in an instant between collapse, Zhou Jun, follow up the victory, has been tracked to the Chaoge. Taking Wang Tao back toward the second letter, boarded a deer, cornered, a torch to burn,

Wu Shang will exterminate, have moved to the country (now Shaanxi City West Haojing Xi’an), established the Zhou Dynasty, known as the Western Zhou dynasty. The bustling city of Yindu disappeared in the history of the flood, leaving only a pile of rubble to let people remember.

After the elimination of the Shang Dynasty, then moved to the country (now Shaanxi City West Haojing Xi’an), established the Zhou Dynasty, known as the Western Zhou dynasty.

The Ancient City of Pingyao


So far, the ancient city walls, streets, houses, shops, temples and other buildings are still intact, the original form and pattern of the general. Pingyao County is known as the “Chinese ancient architecture of the meta and treasure house”, said that the preservation of cultural relics, the high grade is rare in china. Pingyao County has a long history and many cultural relics, which fully reflects the historical features of 17 to nineteenth Century. It is a rare historical museum, which is a rare one in the history of the Ming and Qing Dynasties.


Pingyao County Twilight    Pingyao County view


United Nations Educational, scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) of the ancient city of Pingyao evaluation is: “the ancient city of Pingyao is an outstanding example of a Han Chinese city in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the ancient city of Pingyao preserved all of its features, and in the development of Chinese history for people to show a picture of the unusual cultural, social, economic and religious development,” was included in the hey World Heritage list potential Pingyao ancient city, Shanxi Province in December 1997. Among them, Shuanglin temple is a landscape of the ancient city of Pingyao, also has written many, many of the story. Shuanglin temple near the wall of the fort of Hebei Province, the people asked, also known as beard in the wall of the temple. The annual Lunar chuba is the Buddha’s birthday, is Ji wall temple is said to have – annual catch of temple, a strange thing, from Shuanglin temple – years than in a grand.

Pingyao County night   Pingyao County Street


Can’t remember which dynasty which generation which year, comes at a time when the eighth of the fourth month in April, early in the morning around the small traders, parties to the pilgrims have come to the temple, then see a man pick two bundles of bamboo into the gate, on the wall beside the door have a brick cave, he is in front of the design under the stall selling. More and more people here, incense Lin walked batch after batch, but did not buy his personal – bamboo. See the noon, his voice hoarse, fast, sleepy and Russian, he sat on the ground do not shout out, dry food to eat.

A fall in front of one front of MI Shan then came a beggar, I saw him walking hesitatingly, unkempt, clothes and covered with rotten blister, flies around him round and round, the left leaning on root willow stick, the right phone a broken bowl, each to a traders ran to begging, vendors are in the face, loudly spit drink, do not pack not to eat things, some base to not let him close, a beggar came up to sell bamboo city of the old man, still wan to discuss something to eat, the old man to see if he was really poor, gave him a steamed bun, the beggar also don’t say thank you, devoured three Diao, the steamed bread swallow belly, and then doesn’t go away, but also to eat. Old man again to him only a steamed bread to him, the old man thought it meet the, who knows the beggar finished good bread Nong trapped, bamboo to sell to the old man lying on a, close your eyes fell asleep, and send out the sound of snoring, old man still did not get angry, back to do business.

Pingyao County tower


That is strange, beggars lying down, bamboo to sell the old man started business, but more and more prosperous, from noon to sell into the afternoon, almost sold out, suddenly whipped up a gust of wind, sky overcast gradually down, everyone hastened to pack up and go home. At this time, the old man found beggar disappeared, very puzzled, recall what happened just now, and suddenly, patted his forehead: “Hey! Today my old man meets immortal!”

Since then, the annual temple fair to point out, blowing wind, rain, and it is said about the gods, and from then on. Ji Temple wall is a grand, pilgrims a year more than a year.

Fujian Wuyi Mountains

The scenery of Wuyi mountains is summarized as “three three nine nine”, “three three” refers to a winding mountain about 9 km of JIUQUXI, “99” refers to is 99 rock Ya Sen column clamp.

Fujian scenery
The essence of the Wuyi mountains Scenery in Jiuqu Xi, stream Bi Qing, folding complex around the mountain, form “song magariyama rotary, Fengfeng water gown flow” of nine wins, Wu Shuang mountains most if the name of some mount Yi and mysterious hanging coffins in Jiuqu stream. There are scenic spots in the case of Lin Ting Song Dynasty kiln sites, Wuyi, and other attractions, humanistic value. The Wuyi mountains Nature Reserve has the most typical and most typical and the most typical and the most typical and the most typical and the most typical and the most typical and the most typical and the most typical and most of the middle subtropical forest ecosystem “. Wuyi mountains in the forest, vegetation diversity, wild animal infested period, during which sightseeing, full of reverie. Which “second valley waterfall drift” most wonderful, valley, the Red River Valley – Emerald Valley; second waterfall is Qinglong waterfall and Phoenix waterfall; drifting is refers to the known as “China first” Wuyi grand canyon rafting. Into the Grand Canyon of Wuyi mountain ecological tourism zone, close to nature and enjoy the wild fun experience thrilling and stimulating Gan.

Landscape scenery       Mist-shrouded

Wuyi mountains was included in the world heritage list in December 1999, the evaluation of the World Heritage Committee: Wuyi Mountain is famous biological reserve in southeastern China’s most prestigious, is also the refuge of many ancient plants, which many organisms for China’s unique. JIUQUXI Taiwan Kyotani Xiumi, the temple of the temple is numerous, but there are many who have become waste. The area provides a good geographical environment for the development and spread of Confucianism in Tang and song dynasties. Since the 11th century, science and education have a profound influence on culture in the eastern regions of China. During the 1st century AD, the rulers of the Han Dynasty in the city near the village established large administrative capital, surrounded by thick and solid walls, great archaeological value.

Wuyi mountains, why take this name for it? Keep according to legend, in ancient times, slow Pavilion mountain peak live surnamed Peng of the elderly, Xing, Wuyi Mountain Flood overruns, forcing people to hide in the col, lived a poor life. The old man led people to brave the wind and dew, daytime, mountain flood bear bitter hardships. When the white browed white beard, he is already famous founder, people called him “Peng Zu”.

Peng Zu has two sons, one called Peng Wu, the another one called Peng Yi. Said strange, they fall to the ground, the wind will be a long, a spring breeze blows, they can shout dad called Niang; two times spring floating wine, they can stand and walk; three valve spring blossoms bud, they can run down, brothers Chung Ying extraordinary, courageous, and from an early age to follow Pang over the mountains, drilled the jungle. Due to Pengzu undertakes mountains active. When the Eight Immortals in the Wuyi mountains Qipanyan drinking, the villagers and to seek immortal life Peng Zuci. Pang lived 88 years old when, the jade emperor called God to become an immortal. Before leaving, leaving only an axe, a hoe and bow and arrow, asked two sons to continue to flood mountains, for the benefit of the people.

People in the mountains
Pang left, two brothers did not forget the trust of the father, picking up a hoe, took the axe, back bow into the mountain. They dug and dug, dug 360 days, dug out the Jiuqu 18 bends, live roaring torrents. They cut! Cut, cut the 720 days, cut down the patches of thorns, opened a piece of fertile land, they ah kind, for 18 days, a ridge of rock tea, planted on rice and fruit… The brothers with a bow and arrow dead tiger, get rid of the evil leopard, the mountain catch hares and pheasants, wild boar and gave villagers in the village of feeding. The flowers grass and precious medicinal herbs they still on the mountain, people would have a big chicken smell, peaceful and happy days.

Peng Wu, Peng Yi after death, people in order to repay their love, to commemorate the brothers has merit, in their name named this mountains, this mountain was called the “Wuyi mountains “.

Jiuzhai Valley

Fairy Valley

Valley Jiuzhai was a group of accidentally into the workers found is in 1970s, in 1982 it became the first national key scenic area, in 1978, listed as a National Nature Reserve, 1990, in the 40 national scenic areas, the top of the new natural scenic spot. In 1992, by the United Nations Educational, scientific and Cultural Organization in the world, the production of a directory, become the common people of all mankind.

Gorgeous wonderful

Jiuzhai Valley scenic area 80 kilometers, the vast more than 60000 hectares, because gounei disc letter, Peng cloth, so WA, the Asian plate check WA, Pointe Noire Zhai, tree, peppermint leaf, bar, such as nine Tibetan villages named. According to records: “Hey Nanping County Yang Fan cave, a few long Strait, Shuiguang floating green, the reflection of Lin Lan.” Therefore, also I known as the cave of the sheep, also known as the green sea. Jiuzhai Valley seasons charming scenery, rich in plant resources, variety, around the primeval forest, habitat of giant pandas and other 10 kinds of rare and precious wild animals, Yuanwang Xuefeng everywhere, towering into the sky, year-round snow capped, plus learning customs and myths and legends make collectors mulou, bridge, mill, traditional cultural landscape, known as “the beautiful fairy tale world”.

It is said that : “guilaibukan Huangshan Mountain, Jiuzhai guilaibukan water.” Jiuzhai Valley’s spirit is water, lake, spring, waterfall, stream, river, beach, Lianzhui integration, flying with the quiet combination, network strong and gentle with leniency, colorful, colorful. The level of scattered group of the waterfall sing croon; large and small group clear blue sea, reflecting the water leaves, green, Xuefeng, blue sky, Isshiki step, the endless changes of water in the tree with the Otaki, tree growing in the water, open in the middle of the water.


Generally singular view of the beautiful place, some beautiful legends, on the Jiuzhai Valley marvelous lakes and waterfalls, spread a ~ a touching story: in a long time ago, thousands of miles Minshan snowy, there is a beautiful simplicity of the Tibetan girl named Vonnoh color toad, by the gods to give a pair of golden bell, attracted Shenshui watered this strange land. So this land grow a lush forests, lush flowers, many rare birds and animals, making this once the desert land, suddenly become full of vitality. In the early hours of the morning girl singing folk songs, to clear out the spring side dressing, met a is the fountain to water the horses of the Tibetan young man. Shifang Tibetan young man named Goddard, early on Vonnoh color anuran girl cherished love heart and the girls are very fond of the brave, clever boy. Then in the spring side meet by chance, two people Luo are all full of joy, while boys and girls in mutual pour affection when, a demon from the sky, hard to separate boys and girls, and grab the friends of the girl in the hands of the bell, Tiao girl to marry him. Vonall color girl refused to aunt from the north, and the thought of struggling to fight evil, knot to mother fled into a cave, Xing Geda is not thinking of magic, not only were outside, ran to call to the adjacent village in the Chongwen, launched a desperate struggle with the fear of the devil, after 9 days 9 the night of fierce battle, finally defeated the devil, rescued Vonnoh color frog girl, gold back to the girl’s flat, girls and boys on the road while shaking to gold, singing songs at home, when the smell of the air blowing shaving, clouds, underground Biquan formed 108 over oil, Hai Zi, as the girl comb the agency in Goddard and Vonnoh Baoyue, color frog node Jiao banquet, the mountain also reveals a variety of trees, flowers, birds, animals, and so, here is a beautiful and charming an earthly paradise.


Crystal clear